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Contemporary artificial intelligence has transcended the realm of fiction, entering the domain of diagnosing ailments and transforming patient care. Discover the ways AI is shaping the healthcare landscape, unlocking new dimensions of accuracy and efficiency.

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From dissecting the best running apps for your Apple Watch to exploring top fitness tech gadgets, I'm your go-to source for embracing technology to enhance your fitness journey. Learn how to run safely in different conditions and explore the world of chip timing systems in sports events.

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IoT in Healthcare
The Rise of Remote Health Monitoring The discourse surrounding the contemporary and evolving landscape of remote healthcare has expanded considerably in recent times. Notably, modern technologies have facilitated a safer and more convenient approach for all participants involved in this process. This article examines the burgeoning trend and its profound impact on healthcare delivery, emphasizing […]
AI in Healthcare
Contemporary artificial intelligence has not only amazed with its capacity to compose various types of poetry and entire books but has also demonstrated another significant attribute. Notably, some individuals are employing it for the diagnosis of diverse ailments, and intriguingly, artificial intelligence adeptly fulfills this role. Let us delve into the specific ways in which […]
Turning a grueling and boring workout into an exciting game is easy, thanks to gadgets and special applications for modern devices. With apps for iPhones, runners can not only record their activity but also track detailed sports statistics. Check the best running apps for Apple Watch in 2022 in the article below. Apple Watch – […]
The chip timing system is an innovative technology used in various sports events to accurately measure and record the time taken by participants. It involves the use of a small electronic chip that is attached to the participant’s shoe, bib, or wrist. The chip contains a unique identification number that is linked to the participant’s […]
How to run safely in a heatwave?
If you follow all the recommendations of doctors, you can do sports without harming your health. Running in the heat is a safe physical activity that requires careful preparation. Check how to run safely in a heatwave in the article below. Is It Bad to Run in Heat? Running in the heat can be bad […]
In big races, participants see two of their results. Gan time is the time from the starting shot to the moment of crossing the finish line. Chip time – time on a chip attached to the number or somewhere else, the time from crossing the start line to crossing the finish line. The Meaning of […]
Top fitness tech to help you run better - best running gadgets 2022
Nowadays, gadgets help not only to simplify life but also to improve health and monitor its indicators. Check the top fitness tech to help you run better – best-running gadgets 2022 in the article below. How the Top Fitness Tech Can Help You to Run Better? The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the temporary closure […]